Design of logotype

Logotype or trademark invokes your characteristic story, transfers message of your brand and business.

logotype design

We offer design of logotype that:

  • should be clean, professional and conspicuous
  • it must be applicable in all types of media, printed products and multimedia
  • it must be noticeable on presentations, e-mail, brochures, business cards, web page, on everything that is used as communication channel and promotion
  • once it has been noticed by customers, identity should be easily memorable and recognizable

During design of distinct and recognizable logotype we combine various graphical elements such as typography, style, color, shape to achieve desired effect. We devise conceptual and artistic solution such as design of textual and artistic sign with primary color which contributes to distinctiveness of company.

We prepare several proposals of logotype and select one to be refined according to client requirements. Final solution is delivered in vector format and other standard formats thus making it applicable for various media types. If you still don’t have logotype and you’re considering designing web page, we recommend you to first design logotype because it’s foundation of visual identity that’s utilised as base for every other creativity.

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