Visual identity design

Visual identity is result of planning and coordination of imaginary visual elements.

design visual identity

Visual identity of particular company is its identification card, public front. To make it better we specify elements of visual identity defined in style guide style guide.

Design of visual identity encompasses design of elements that make company recognizable, unique and consistent through all means of communication and they are specified in style guide.

What makes you distinguishable to public is:

  • Logotype (logo or trademark) invokes your characteristic story, transfers message of your brand and business.
  • Visual identity represents visual aspect of fraction or entire brand that invokes company recognizability. Consistency of visual identity associate to consistency in business!
  • Brand is perception of company image as a whole

Create distinguishable visual identity through original elements as:

Process of designing company visual identity

f you want to earn consumer trust and develop awareness about products and services that you provide and gain trust of employees that are proud of their company, create consistent image through all media - create company visual identity.

Process of designing visual identity encompasses several phases:

  • Gathering of essential informations about company, business, customer habits, targeted groups…
  • Analysis of yours ideas and wishes regarding logotype, colors, typography...
  • Design of logotype as central element of visual identity
  • Design of style guide with logotype guidelines, colors, business documents…
  • Design of every promotional aspect

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