Prepress process and print

Envelops text entry and formatting, scanning and image enhancing, photo corrections and compositing, translation entry for various print materials..

Prepress process commences when our graphic design is finished or your design is refined and finalized.

We offer:

Offset printing

Offset print is indirect printing technique where color is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket which transfers copy to printing surface, most often paper. Distinct advantage of offset printing is high print quality in relation to color consumption therefore its cost effectiveness.

Screen printing

With screen printing it’s possible to make an imprint on smooth surface of almost any material. This technique is very popular, especially when dealing with large product batches because price is a lot more acceptable.

Digital printing

Digital printing is modern printing technology where xeno-photographic process comprising laser transfers toner to paper. It’s suitable for printing of small and medium sized batches. Its advantage is speed and quality of print.

Tampon printing

Main advantage of tampon printing is the ability to print on uneven surfaces or round objects. This technique can make small prints with very high accuracy and resolution.

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