Landing page

Landing pages are specially designed site where users come encouraged with some paid advertisement, and want to learn about this new product, events, new service

landing page

It is in fact a page where we bring more visitors regardless of how and through which media they come from, and because it is their first contact with your page, it should be the best possible.

Landing page is regulated on special way because it should usually encourage users on some action:

  • Purchasing products
  • Subscribing to newsletter
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Downloading some content such as PDF files, programs or applications
  • Filling some surveys
  • Establishing contacts by telephone or e-mail
  • Searching offers

To make quality landing page, it should fulfil basic elements:

1. Define a clear title and description

The page title and short descriptive part must be completely clear, simple, informative and interesting so at first glance could keep user and "force him" to read.

2. Be simple

Landing page should contain only basic info, and not be overloaded with too much information, users need to be intrigued and then left to find more informations on their own

3. Write with understandable language

Use an ordinary dictionary, which is known to everyone, without too many technical terms which understands only a part of visitors.

4. Be specific

If the user found and clicked on a paid ad that sells some service or product, then it should be taken to that page, not the index or Home page because excessive search and disorientation leads to the possibility that the user leaves your sites.

5. Be special

Make sure your landing page and website looks credible and trustworthy to the visitor..

The design should be transparent, clean, professional, complemented with content that provides enough information about you and your business, including contact information, physical address and phone number.

6. “Keep" visitor

Try to keep the visitor on the web shop by always offering him an alternative. For example, the web shops there is a rule to display similar products to those visitor viewing or additional products that other customers put in a basket before him along with a main product. So, if a visitor came to see female brown bag, you can alternatively provide similar bag of the same brand or the same price range.

7. Call to action

Clearly tell your visitors what you expect from them - a call to action!

If you sell some product, a button to purchase should be easily visible, or if you want to sign the newsletter, specify exactly what to do.

8. Get conversion

The conversion is every action you want a visitor to make. Landing page effectiveness and overall campaign is evaluated by the number of conversions that you have managed to achieve.

If you had the intention to sell a product or service, offer pdf price list or a brochure, sharing on social networks etc., they are all the conversion, and if they have not produced real results reexamine the integrity of the landing page.

Create a page without navigation

Since the goal of landing page is conversion, or that a visitor leaves his information and clicks on the button that sends these data to your email or automatically enter into the database. He should not be distracted with additional details.

Arrange the form for entering contact data

Form is basis for the conversion, but it is recommended to take only the basic users information: name, last name and e-mail.

landing page

Design a thank you page

It is recommended to thank the clients for the work they done, leaving you their information, The page has multiple value since through her you can trace the web analytics, set goals in Google Analytics and monitor the degree of conversion.

How to increase visits to landing Page?

hrough social networks. Allow visitors to easily share your content via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn ... integrate your profiles on social networks with your website, let the people easily find you and track you.

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