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web shop

Creating a webshop or a web store refers to business over the Internet.

Webshop sites are divided into two basic categories:

  • Business to customer webshop sites - websites for working with clients or natural persons
  • Business to business webshop sites - websites that are intended to purchase, sale and data exchange between companies

Some of the benefits of creating a web shop in comparison to the classic webshop:

  • Integration of a secure and automated payment system (card, installment payment, pauzećem, internet banking or general money order). Possibility of payment by credit card, American Express, Diners, Visa, Discovery and debit cards or credit cards for current account such as Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and others. Connecting with all banks in Croatia and worldwide such as: Zagrebacka bank, Privredna bank, Reifesen bank, Erste bank, HPB and other smaller banks.
  • The configuration of the product with all the technical specifications, photo gallery, video gallery and detailed description
  • Grouped products - if we sell kits or packages of products, in the product is possible to add individual products and so create a suite of products for the customer
  • Products on sale - defining action prices in the time interval, discounts on quantity, discounts on buying more products, discounts to customers who have already purchased, discounts for distributors …
  • User pages for specific categories of users. With categorization of user rights where you decide what you will provide registered users or distributors
  • Automatization of internet shop and communication between the customer to whom after the payment arrives confirmation e-mail, and at the same time other comes to you that informs you who bought what and at what address package needs to be delivered
  • Setting the prices for delivery depending on the location to which the product was sent
  • Multilingualism - the possibility of adding the number of languages on request
  • The structure of the webshop - adding categories and subcategories
  • easy maintaining webshop with adding new products by itself, filling with content, price correction, setting actions and others.

How to attract customers?

web shop

The goal of the web shop is to embrace several business activities: to accelerate and facilitate the conduct of trade such as adding new products, access to customers statistics, connection with storage, to increase visibility on the Internet, which directly affects sales. In order to achieve this you need a good description of the product with quality product photo, video presentations, text, so customers would have enough information on which they can decide to purchase.

When all this is done well, one of the biggest problems still is how to attract customers, how do they find out about you. Publishing webshop can not do wonders in the short term. It doesn’t matter that SEO is done as a part of the site that will attract users, but even it is not all-powerful.

There are lots of ways to do it such as blogging, start forums, social networks, and one of the ads with the greatest effect is certainlyGoogle AdWords.

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