Facebook advertising

Facebook is known as "third world country". There are over 1 billion users, of which 1.6 million, ie 35.86% are citizens of Croatia..

Facebook advertising

Why advertise via Facebook?

Because this is an additional channel to connect with potential customers and users of your services, to offer them what they really seek and analyze their habits. Facebook allows you to select target groups on which you can direct your offer.

Once you create high-quality and informative website, it is time to leave good impression on largest social network Facebook ... if you don’t have time for that, interest or knowledge - please contact us.

For you, we will:

  • Open Facebook page or group
  • Customize the page to your needs and match them with the visual identity of your company
  • Manage and update them with new information
  • Design graphics and create personalized elements on Facebook
  • Organize a Facebook campaign
  • Integrate Facebook in the your website
  • Login with Facebook …

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