With SEO - Search engine optimization, increase the visibility of your site and a better position on the search engines, and with that gain more web visitors.

Optimization is a long process, but it is necessary to done continuously because:

  • increases the number of visits to your site
  • reduces the need for paid advertisements which ultimately reduces the cost of your online advertising

The top ranking sites on the search engines are content-rich, high-quality and focused on customers. If the content of the site is extensive and rich, he will attract users to your website, which means that from other websites comes additional traffic to your site. It is important to know that search engines still rank sites according to links from other pages that lead to your site.

If you want to make a good SEO it is necessary to emphasize more technical elements such as finishing code, HTML semantics, loading speed and mostly good content. People who deal only with creating text and marketing content play an important role. If you want to express yourself best and highlight the most important, then do so with informative and relevant text for the user associated with certain keywords, but do not abuse the amount of words because it's recognizable.

If you want SEO to be successful, it is necessary to:

  • On the page SEO:
    • define page titles and meta description: title, description, author...
    • select a title page that includes a short keyword
    • sort titles and hierarchy: keywords in leading marks
    • make good code i.e. set the correct semantics of HTML
    • write clear and formatted text, websites rich with informations
    • analyse keywords and phrases and include them in the the main text
    • create clear navigation visible on all pages
    • clearly define URL pages
    • process the images on the page and assign them filename
    • take care of the loading speed which depends on the structure of the page and elements on it, the amount of content, internet connection speed and the strength of the computer ...
    • error page
  • Off-the-page SEO:
    • constantly working on its content, amendments and addendums
    • connect your site with specific pages
    • publish your website on various forums, blogs i.e. respectable sites from where users will come

Page titles and meta description

Title should be defined clearly and precisely and indicate what is on the page, i.e. it is necessary to avoid titles and keywords that are not related to the content of the page.

The meta description should be specific and relevant to the targer user, as this increases the chance they will click exactly on your page. In order to meta description be fully shown, it is preferred that the meta description text be up to 150 characters, because the rest will be interrupted by ellipses.

Formatting texts and writing content

When writing articles, make sure that they are systematized according to the "Google rules."

It is recommended that articles are formatted in the paragraphs, which makes text clearer for the user to read, and Google always "rewards" what is good for the user. Also you should take into account formatting of the content according to SEO guidelines.


The texts are written for user, not for search engines, so do not overdo it by repeating keywords because Google recognizes that and evaluates negatively. It is good to highlight and bold them. Instead of linking generic terms such as "Learn more" write for example. "Learn more about the day cream".

Clear navigation

In order to give users easily access to the content, navigation should be clear and visible from every page. The rule is to have fewer clicks till the final information.

Page URL

URL must not be generic if you want better position on the search engines. Avoid combination of characters, numbers and letters but use keywords and specific titles of the text, such as, not

Pictures on page

Get the best possible position on the search engines by adding text description with pictures, that is consistent with what the image shows, short and informative keywords as ALT phrases.

When someone searches for image content on Google, he might be drawn by pictures from your website and click thanks to a good image description.

Error page

Error page is often identified with the "error 404" even though it is only one of the possible errors. It is good to make a generic page for errors and when the user gets it with click on the content of the page that does not exist, he should be offered with the possibility of what he might do next: report an error, return to the home page, choose services or products and etc.

Results of pages optimization are not immediately visible because:

  • Optimization process lasts several months because of rules and methods by which search engines operate
  • In case of the new domain, it takes some time for Google to find a newly registered domain
  • Optimization process needs to be done correctly and not using so-called. 'Black Hat' methods which attempt to "trick" search engines which can certainly result in suspending the website

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