Web hosting

Web hosting is the place where site is physically located. It is consisted of a special computers called a server, and for his maintaining and controlling are responsible employees 24/7.

We always suggest to our customers to store their website on our web server. The main reason is that in case of a problems that can always occur, they are faster and easier to solve which significantly reduces waste of time. Otherwise, when two companies are in combination and there is a problem, it always comes to "responsibility transfer" which increases the time of error deflection and reduces the effect and profit, especially when it comes to online sale.

For all users of our services in the development of Internet solutions we offer professional service of web hosting and server maintenance, which is the first year included in the price of project development.

web hosting

Domain registration

Set your website online name that your visitors will be able to find in a variety of results offered by search engines.

There are a number of domains that you can rent: .hr,, .com, .net, .biz, .org, etc., and they are paid on an annual basis.

We offer domain registration as our service, and write your name in register so that you can take control of the domain at any time.

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