Graphic design


Successful design of posters or billboards is when message is observed by the driver at an average speed. In the jumbo poster design there is a rule: “7 words or less!” – so many words can read an average traveler in a moving vehicle.

The basic design guidelines for billboards or jumbo posters are:

  • High quality (high resolution) resolution at 1: 1, 300 dpi
  • Amount of information – communicating 1 message that needs to be short and clear, ideally up to 7 words to be read out of the car; it should be bear in mind that the medium of external advertising in the field of view of the recipient is a few seconds
  • Contrast – the poster should be well visible and readable from the distance, usually from the vehicle on the move; the color of the substrate, the color of the text and their relationship is important
  • Typography or font – should choose a good readable font

Poster or billboard is a large-sized printed material and is often used to promote various products, services or events.


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