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Digital marketing

Graphic design

The art

Digital communication

Web design

Web design is as dynamic as the website itself – trends, technology and devices are constantly changing, along with marketing tools and expectations of users.

A responsive or adaptable design adapts the web site to different screen sizes, or provides a high-quality user experience regardless of whether it accesses content via a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

There are more and more users accessing the website via a mobile device, while the responsive web design automatically adjusts to different screen sizes.

If your website is not in dispose of these features, it is likely to reduce the size of the text, distort images or not match the screen, which means that you will find it difficult to attract potential visitors and mobile phone customers.

Web development

As every brand is unique, every website should be different, taking into account the needs and goals of the company, as well as the wishes and expectations of its website visitors.

In Bruckom, we put a special emphasis on UX / UI design with focus on end users, simple and self-intuitive web browsing, the purpose of the web site, and optimization of web browser subpages.

Development phases

The process of creating a website

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